What is Hobby Horsing?

What is Hobby Horsing?

From time to time you hear the opinion that a Hobby Horse is just a toy and has nothing to do with sport. This is a misconception. Hobby Horsing is a combination of sport, hobby and creative play that has gained widespread attention in recent years.

It may surprise you to learn that Hobby Horsing has a long tradition. It originated in Finland around 2002 and spread to other countries within a few years. In most European countries, it has experienced its greatest development in recent years. We value more than ever the time we spend together in the fresh air and with friends, as well as the promotion of creativity, gymnastics, dedication, responsibility and love for animals.

From "home creation" to a work of art

The development of horses has come a long way. From the early days when Hobby Horses were just a product of home creation, production has evolved into a technologically sophisticated process. The horses are constantly being further developed in order to perfect them and achieve the best sporting performance. In particular, the shape, the weight of the horse, the length and the diameter of the stick have been improved. Each horse is suited to a different discipline. Today, it is common for each competitor to own several Hobby Horses.

The future of Hobby Horses

The first professional tournaments have been organised in Europe since 2022, gaining international recognition in a very short time. There are now several clubs and even associations that organise, support and develop Hobby Horsing as a sport. Hobby Horses can also be seen more and more frequently in the public eye, such as on television programmes and in other media.

Thanks to the great interest and the rapidly filling official Hobby Horsing clubs, interest groups led by enthusiastic individuals have sprung up in many cities across Europe. The number of Hobby Horse enthusiasts is in the tens of thousands and continues to grow.

Hobby Horsing is becoming a part of our daily lives, and there are more and more camps and recreational events on the subject. People are forming interest groups where they share their skills and experiences. Imagine spending whole days with like-minded people improving your skills and abilities, further developing your horse and enjoying the fun and freedom that this hobby brings. Are you still undecided about the future of Hobby Horsing?

Unlimited possibilities

Hobby Horsing is a multifaceted sport where you can let your imagination run wild and take you and your friends to places full of adventure. The more competitive among you can equip your horse with a cool bridle and fancy reins and head off to the tournaments.

You can choose from several disciplines: Show jumping, dressage, puissance (high jumping), western horsemanship, western trail, horse racing and other possible disciplines, which you'll find out about when you sign up.

Hobby Horse competitions are not just about speed and skill, creativity also plays a major role. You can design and decorate your Hobby Horses according to your own ideas. This contributes to the unique experience that participants and spectators take away from the tournament.

Become one of us

Become a member of a growing community that is slowly expanding beyond Europe and that we are building and strengthening at tournaments and other events. Join the Hobby Horse enthusiasts and be part of it.

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Thank you for sharing this passion with us.

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